Bold Type Agency is now handling most foreign-language rights.
Do check with Melanie Ostell Literary if you have any questions.

China & Taiwan

Gray Tan / Jenny Shih / Alyssa Wu / Clare Chi (kids)
Grayhawk Agency

France (excl.)

Gregory Messina
Linwood Messina

Germany (excl.)

Christian Dittus / Antonia Fritz (kids)
Paul & Peter Fritz AG Literary Agency

The Netherlands

Monique Oosterhof
MO Literary Services


Amy Spangler / Merve Ongen
Anatolia Literary Agency

United Kingdom

Melanie Ostell Literary

Nerrilee Weir / Fiona Henderson
Bold Type Agency

United States

Melanie Ostell Literary

Stacy Testa
Writers House

Melissa Danaczko
Stuart Krichevsky Literary Agency

Nerrilee Weir / Fiona Henderson
Bold Type Agency


Check with Melanie Ostell Literary first.


Joel Gotler
Intellectual Property Group, LA

Hannah Vaughn
The Gersh Agency, NYC

Anna DeRoy / Sanjana Seelam
WME Agency, LA